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The constituent Member Families of the NISC hold a wide range of opinions. On a majority of issues, these constituent Families tend to cluster together against or in favor of proposed NI resolutions; these clusters are referred to as factions and they are comparable to political parties of a parliament. The Perfectionist Society is the think tank of the perfectionist faction.

Justicists and perfectionists are represented throughout the Nobility International system.

Upward Together

The paternal moral principles of loyalty, authority, and sanctity are our values, whereas excellence is our moral foundation. We believe that excellent people are the state-bearing members of society, that they must be rewarded for their humanitarian contributions, that they must be protected from extremist erronormative attitudes such as jealousy, resentment, and aristophobia, and that they must be empowered to advance the interests of humanity.

We educate our constituents and advance policies at the NISC, in the interests of the winners of society. Along the up-down spectrum, perfectionism is considered an upside ideology within the Perfectionment intellectual movement.

NISC factions